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Personalized Lawn Care Solutions

Lawn Care &

Every lawn is unique, and yours can be luxurious and functional as you wish. With the proper attention, that is.

Our Albany, OR lawn care solutions are designed based on your lawn’s individual needs, whether nutrients and disease control or simply mowing on schedule with the proper height setting.

Fernandez Oak D Lawn Services

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Fernandez Oak D Lawn Services
A Mossy Roof Is A Wet Roof

Moss Removal &
Gutter Cleaning

Moss soaks up moisture. In the Pacific Northwest, this means potential water leaks, bacteria and mold growth, and damage to the integrity of your roof. 

Protect your home with our moss removal and gutter cleaning services, and keep your roof and home happy and healthy!

Keep Harmful Bacteria Out Of Your Home

Pressure Washing

Our professional pressure washing team can keep the exterior of your property free of dirt, grime, and mold, which increases its appearance and maintains its value while keeping your home healthy.

Fernandez Oak D Lawn Services
Fernandez Oak D Lawn Services
Custom Property Maintenance Solutions

Yard Cleanup &
Special Projects

Whatever your lawn and property needs, be it leaf or bark dust cleanup, blackberry removal, or even just general junk removal — garbage, appliances, you name it — we’ve got you covered!

What we can do for you

You don’t have to choose between a beautiful outdoor environment and peace of mind.

Let us give you back what you’ve been missing, so you can enjoy more time outside in your yard, enjoy the view from inside, and save you time to do things you love.
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